18 Karat

The higher the gold content (or karat) the more pure the gold is. 18 Karat is the highest karat of gold typically used for jewelry (rings, watches, bracelets). 18 Karat is 75% pure gold and 25% alloy.

Solid Gold

Solid gold is exactly what it means - it's gold inside and out. Solid gold has no base metal, and is durable while also maintaining, if not increasing, its value over time. Solid gold does not tarnish or change color.

Gold Plated Vermeil

Unlike regular gold-plating, Vermeil is a thicker, longer lasting version of gold-plating. Its thick layering of gold over sterling silver allows it to last longer, and is tarnish free and hypoallergenic.


Even though our pieces are made to fit everyday use, we do recommend you take the time to care for your pieces.

Be kind to your pieces!

For Solid Gold:

When dirty, soak with mild detergent soap and use a brush with soft bristles to remove dirt. Occasional professional buffings may be needed.

For Vermeil:

Store in a dry environment, and buff only with a dry cloth.

Remove pieces before being exposed to a lot of oils or liquids, like before working out or showering, in order to ensure the longest life for your pieces.